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Barcode Studio is the free barcode generating solution for iOS.

Currently the app is able to encode data in over 40 barcode symbologies.

Encoding happens on the smartphone and not with the help of a webservice. Therefor you can create barcodes without being connected to the internet.

Use of Zint lib

The Android Barcode Studio app is based on the Zint Barcode lib by Robin Stuart and the Zint development team.
Zint is licenced under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


The app is licenced under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
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We use EAN13, but when I input 13 digits into your app an error message states - "The input data it to long valid - length12."

The 13th digit of a EAN13 is a check digit which is automatically calculated by the app. If you enter the first 12 digits, the resulting barcode will contain 13 digits.

Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

We do not use, save, or have access to the files you open with our app. Those files are processed on your device and we do not send those data (neither content nor metadata) to any external address.

We use third-party tools to collect analytical data on how our Service is performing, to help identify what needs to be fixed, and to serve advertisements in all our free apps. Please see the "Third-party tools" section for more information.

Third-party tools

Google/Firebase Analytics: Firebase helps analyze how users use our app. For a list of data collected please refer to Google: To further learn more about the technologies they use via cookies on your smartphone(s) and how to opt-out:

Google/Firebase Admob: Admob serves advertisements in our app. You can opt out of AdMob by following the instructions described by Google: For more details about Admob and how they collect information please refer to these links: